Tex-Mex Egg Rolls

Tex-Mex Egg Rolls are filled with spicy sausage, beans, and cheese. Perfect for game day or any day.

This recipe has been in my to-blog file for a few month’s and when I saw that today’s #SundaySupper theme was recipes for the big game I knew it would be perfect.
Cook up some spicy pork breakfast sausage. Mix it with diced tomatoes and green chiles, pinto beans, shredded cheese, and taco seasoning. Fill the egg roll wrappers and fry.
Homemade egg rolls are one of those things that intimidate some people but are actually pretty easy. The trickiest part is rolling them so I made sure to get some pictures as I worked.

1.Place a wrapper on a cutting board

2. Brush the outer two edges farthest away from you with water

3. Place 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup filling two-thirds of the way down the wrapper

4. Fold the bottom over the filling and roll once

5. Fold in the sides and continue rolling

6. Press to seal

Serve with Pico de Gallo, guacamole, ranch dressing,  or sour cream for dipping and you have a delicious appetizer.

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