The Finest British Charcuterie

We are the British Charcuterie Boys: we sell a wide range of cured meats from this exciting and fast-growing artisan movement from our stall at Borough Market, including our famous 3-for £10 deal; we wholesale to restaurants, pubs, delis and shops; and we sell yet more at our own deli in Brixton. It also features heavily on the menu in our restaurant. Watch us on TV talking about British charcuterie here.


Local and Artisan Meats

British charcuterie is a very exciting and fast-growing mini-industry. In recent times people have become both fed-up of mass-produced, uninteresting supermarket fodder and more interested in buying local and from traceable sources. For years we British have imported tons of cured meat from the Continent: Spanish chorizo and ham, Italian salami, French saucisson, and its often delicious.

Sustainable Charcuterie

But we can make it here too, and we do: our small but incredibly talented artisan producers make what we consider to be a range of British cured meat that competes with the best the continent has to offer, and its all ethically-produced, sustainable because the food miles are lower, and we can tell you a lot about its provenance, sometimes even down to the field the cows grazed in or the farm the pig was born at.

We have chorizo, wild boar salami, air-dried alpaca, wild venison chilli chorizo, Cornish beef and venison bresaola, cold-smoked mutton from Dorset, Welsh air-dried ham, Suffolk salami and lots more. If you love cured meat (and who doesn’t?), then you should try what is being produced here on your doorstep.